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Your questions about Preorders from Kickstarter and Backerkit.

Where is my preorder?

Currently, Our campaign has delivered up to Wave 3.1. Wave 1 was the Core Game 1.5 Edition. Wave 2 was the Expansions of Death Volume 1 (Gorm, Dragon King, Slenderman, Lion Knight, Lion God, Manhunter, Sunstalker, Green Knight, Flower Knight, Lonely

I have damaged items from my Kickstarter/Backerkit Preorder

Please please email our Team at We will get you set up asap! Include a photo of the damage as well as that will expedite a solution.

I'm having trouble accessing my Backerkit account.

If you can't find your backerkit account info (search your spam folder), please visit here to resend your survey. If you have further questions please send a ticket here:

Please adjust my shipping/billing information in Backerkit

Please create a ticket and include your new information. It is imperative that you are contacting us via secure email. Please make sure your email is the same used in your backerkit account, otherwise, we will not be able to adjust your information w

Can I add more to my pledge?

Currently, the Pledge Manager is closed. We plan to reopen it with options to order more items in the future. At the present, we must wait until the Core game preorders have finished shipping. Expect more news on this front very soon.You can subscrib