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I will be on vacation when my reward arrives!Updated 10 months ago

At this time we cannot accurately make accommodations to hold your reward. Please arrange a secure location (workplace / family member / close friend / post office box ) to receive your package.

We understand you are very excited to receive your reward from our very long awaited Kickstarter project. Global fulfillment is quite an undertaking for our small team and while we would love to make small, seemingly simple accommodations (like holding your order), depending on the region and the fulfillment center it becomes quite difficult for us to make this concession.

The rewards and the rates to ship them are all negotiated as one package, so the items we hold might be subject to shipping rate changes. 

While we are in communication with our foreign fulfillment partners, they run large scale operations and we cannot perfectly perdict when someones individual package will be processed and shipped. There is also no elegant software solution in Backerkit, wherein we can mark a specific part of someones rewards with a "hold" or "request to delay". We apologize, but for kickstarter rewards we cannot yet delay or hold specific shipments for individuals. 

Thank you in advance for your understanding.

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