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Gambler's Chest Expansion - Fulfillment 2023Updated a year ago

The Gambler's Chest Expansion is scheduled to start arriving at our fulfillment centers at the end of July 2023 and will start shipping out to backers in AUGUST (barring rail-yard / customs delays)!!!!

We will follow up with backers that have not locked addresses or failed payments in the following weeks. Our intention is to be as flexible as we can regarding payments, as we understand this project has taken us many years and we hope to make accommodations when and where we can.

GCE Shipping Costs in Backerkit

In your backerkit account you will see a negative amount that reflects the final cost of the GCE shipping. This is the amount you will need to pay for GCE shipping.

Base Shipping Rates for GCE

  • USA - $39
  • EU - $29*
  • UK - $29*
  • Canada - $60
  • Australia - $55
  • New Zealand - $70
  • Europe (non taxable) - $67
  • Asia - $73
  • ROW - $120

*This rate does not include VAT. Your final shipping charge does.

For EU/UK regions wherein VAT is required, the VAT has been calculated based on the amount you paid for the GCE and added to your total shipping fee. You will not see a separate line item for tax. If you need an invoice, we are handling these on a case by case basis, so please reach out to us at support.

Gambler’s Chest Expansions that were added to backer's rewards as a preorder or add-on included a shipping fee based on their region. This is now being applied as a credit towards the true, final shipping cost of this item.

A lot has changed since the Gambler's Chest went from being a bonus box to the largest Kingdom Death expansion to date (LARGER THAN THE CORE GAME). A truly tremendous amount of talent, effort, and work has gone into creating what we feel, is the successor to our core game and sets the stage for all the new content to come. 

Previously collected shipping fees

We cannot accommodate shipping the GCE with only the previously collected shipping fee. The world has shifted and we must account for it. Shipping fees that were paid are now a credit towards the final shipping price of the GCE.

I take full ownership of my choice to greatly extend the timeline and scope of the Gamblers Chest Expansion several times. It has grown far, far beyond its initial pitch.

I wanted to get it “right” and take the opportunity to fully realize the ambition of the GCE regardless of sanity, resources spent, and time. I am sorry that it led to higher shipping label costs. Creating the best thing we could muster reflects the true spirit of kickstarter, crowdfunding, and was the best way to show my appreciation for having this unique opportunity to do something I love, making Kingdom Death content!

Blackest Bundles

Some Blackest Bundles, included a shipping fee, consider this a shipping credit. The GCE shipping price will be subtracted from this credit and the remainder will be applied to future rewards (this is not currently reflected in backerkit but will be noted internally). If you have a 2017 Blackest Bundle, you have received Expansion of Death Vol 1 and are preparing to receive the GCE. These rewards are included in your shipping fee. Future rewards will incur additional shipping costs. 


If you have already paid VAT through backerkit on your GCE your shipping price reflects this.

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